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Artisans Jewelry

Artisans Jewelry - Tree Of Life Necklace

Artisans Jewelry - Tree Of Life Necklace

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Tree Of Life Necklace

The Tree of Life represents so many aspects of spirituality on so many different cultural levels: The Celts believed the tree of life represented prosperity. 

Oneness: As we see the tree branches and roots reach out - This symbolizes the way that you, and all living beings, are connected to both Mother Earth and to the Universe.

Ancestry and Family: Notice the way that the Tree of Life represents a large family tree. Imagine yourself as the tree’s trunk– one singular unit. If you were to map out all of your great grandparents, for dozens of generations back, your family tree would eventually look like a massive Tree of Life,

Adaptability: If every tree had to grow in the same, uniform shape, most trees wouldn’t survive, because trees must be adaptable in order to thrive. You, as a human, won’t thrive if you’re too rigid in your expectations of life– just like a tree.

If you resonate with the Tree of Life’s countless spiritual representations, you’ll likely benefit from wearing or displaying the symbol in one way or another. Seeing the Tree of Life daily can remind you of its beautiful, infinite meaning, which can raise your vibration and attract positivity towards you. 

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