About Artisans Boutique

About The Artisans Boutique

Canadian made products - happily serving Canada

"Since I was a little girl I have memories watching my mother and grandmother making soap, this makes me a third generation soap maker. It wasn't just about making soap it was about concern for just exactly what was in the products we were using on our bodies." Liv McLean"

"I believed that in our changing and stressful world our healthy products and a home spa experience can enable you to defeat stress with relaxation and meet disconnection, detachment and isolation with mindfulness." Lachlan McLean

Knowing well there are thousands of chemicals in our bathroom products - and that are penetrated though our skin as we use them... and also washed into our earth daily - what worried us most - is just how many of these chemicals haven't been tested for long-term effects - and that many are carcinogens. We cared enough about the health of our families and ourselves to believe that we could use the old ways to bring safer products to the market. We maintain and uphold safety to our family, customers and ourselves - because we use each and every product that we make in small batches.

It has been a wonderful and uplifting experience to bring the best formulas and products to you while maintaining the highest level of standards. We work in a soap studio - in a sanitary environment and uphold the highest level of cleanliness and safety in our labour intense production of small batch handmade products.

We’re proud to buy RSPO Palm and have applied for membership in the organization to ensure many issues are being addressed worldwide - one that buyers of palm oil and its products have been grown and sourced in a sustainable way - that our supply chain stays as clean as possible. We are concerned with labour rights, social accountability, traceability, exploitation, animals rights and greenhouse gas emissions. We have been highly schooled on this matter and we continue to take courses in Sustainability.  Know that we are earth lovers - we grow our own vegetables, love our animals and that we are educated on the matters of our products and the ingredients that are sourced in order to bring you great products while caring for our world and knowingly taking action to support the proper humanitarian organizations and not colonial patterned corporations who create poverty, and environmental disasters!

It is very important to us to provide products and bath care formulas that put health and wellness first and foremost by eliminating the unidentified chemicals that are in mainstream bathroom products and soaps today. It is a wonderful feeling for you and your family, from a psychological well-being viewpoint to know you are provided with the best natural products in Canada today at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company. With many of the old fashion secrets of yesterday and the most updated and innovative knowledge of today in the industry, we bring natural and artistic bliss to your self and bath care régime. 

We believe that your shopping experience for skin and body care should be a fun, blissful and healthy experience. We do care about our planet and take responsibility as a company to be gentle with our earth and nature by using natural products and good practices in obtaining our raw materials.  It is our mission that the companies represented by Artisans Boutique remain steadfast in our promise to bring you toxin-free products so you can purchase with the relief of knowing what we make is safe for you and your family.