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Artisans Jewelry

Artisans Jewelry - The Trinity Knot

Artisans Jewelry - The Trinity Knot

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The Trinity Knot

No one knows exactly where the Trinity knot first began and who even created it. So, we don’t know for sure how old it actually is. It is commonly accepted that the knot is at least 5,000 years old but it could be even older than that. What we do know is that this ancient design really stood the test of time, making it through many centuries of worldwide change. 

This ancient knot symbolizes many things for many different cultures over the years and its exact meaning is more of a theory that our historians have pieced together from artefacts that have been uncovered. Some common symbolic meanings are eternal life, eternal love, and the importance of the number three in all of creation, such as the three elements of the Pagans and the holy trinity of the Christians who after the Pagans adopted the symbol of the Trinity Knot. 

What ever your reason for wanting to wear this ancient symbol, just tap into the many years of its existence and ponder the years of the past and what this meant to so many cultures and individuals - definitely a conversation piece and the perfect gift. 

Each Celtic Knot is different and each necklace is custom made, - Please specify which one you would like below.

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