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Artisans Jewelry - Feather Earrings

Artisans Jewelry - Feather Earrings

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Feather Earrings

Feathers are acknowledged by many cultures and religions; The Christians who read their bible know feather meanings in the Bible is associated with purity, peace and light and are considered a feature of Angel’s wings as well as representing Birds associated with peace and love.

There are those who work with Angels - if you work with Angelic beings, you may be visited by Angels in meditation or ritual. You may see Angels as having wings of various colors. Using certain color associations of feathers, you can also extrapolate the meaning of specific Angels who may appear in your life.

There’s a perception in Native tales that a feather is a gift from the sky, sea, and the trees. Feathers can arrive at the most unexpected times, but not without a purpose. Feathers come to you from Spirit, a token of freedom and flight, to remind of the symbolism to include freedom, power, honor, strength and wisdom.

When a feather was held over someone’s head, it would serve as a blessing that wished bravery and happiness. Some would even tattoo feathers on their bodies to help with their journey or tell their story.

In addition to representing honor, feathers also had other purposes, including spiritual awakening, healing, and cleansing; feathers were used to hunt, used as symbols of home protection, in love songs, and even to bring the rain.

For whatever your reason to wear or gift these wonderful feather earrings - know that they will arrive with lots to communicate about with your friends and family, because now you know so much about feathers.

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