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Artisans Jewelry

Artisans Jewelry - Dragonfly Earrings - Blue

Artisans Jewelry - Dragonfly Earrings - Blue

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Dragonfly Earrings - Blue

Handmade by Liv and featuring sterling sliver earwires.

For those who believe, dragonflies are messengers for angels because they are especially receptive to divine energy working through them. So, seeing a blue dragonfly can mean that the angel of someone you love is present.

Blue is the color of peace. It was often said that if a blue dragonfly visits you or lands nearby, view it as a sign that your loved one is at peace. Blue also symbolizes friendship, as in a “true blue” pal. So, it a blue dragonfly lands nearby, it can be a sign that the angel of a friend, I often include my pets, who have passed sending a message of love. 

If you are not inclined to be spiritual or believe in Angels etc...then think of the blue dragonfly as finding your innner peace.... blue is the color of peacefulness and tranquility. ......listening to flowing water, enjoying the beautiful blue sky can help you to feel calm. So, the blue dragonfly, which is associated with air and water, is a reminder to find a way to create peace within your life and in your mind, no matter what kind of stress you’re dealing with. 

For whatever you associate the representations of the Blue Dragonfly Earrings, just order yours today and see the magic they will bring into your life.

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