Your Hands - Hurting From Handwashing?

Your Hands - Hurting From Handwashing?

Here we are enjoying these wonderful spring days and for those of us who are gardeners - well, we know all too well just how many times in a day we wash our hands as we prepare our garden beds and plant our seedlings. Oh I love spring...but my hands take a beating. 

With Covid-19 on top of garden season, you may find yourself washing your hands more than ever before. Over washing is essential to stop the spread of germs, but it can lead to extremely dry skin and make your hands more susceptible to eczema or hand dermatitis.

Harsh Soaps. Certain soaps can dry out your skin, causing your palms to become red or sensitive.

Sun Exposure. Along with the face and neck, our arms and hands typically face the most exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Exposure to Cold Air  winter—can also dry out your hands. Taking care of your skin during the winter is essential. Winter weather typically means lower humidity, which can make your hands more vulnerable to dryness.

Prolonged Use of Household Chemicals. Many disinfectants and cleansers can dry out your skin.

Hard Work For Gardeners in the spring, the mechanic, the tradesman or anyone who puts in a hard day at work, your hands can take the brunt of the job.

All these above mentioned issues can certainly take a tole on your hands. So how do you look after your hands?

I have found that a good homemade soap from SXY Soap Co especially one made from Goat's Milk  or a Triple Butter Soap can be moisturizing on my sore hands. Afterward I use the Lotion Bar - that I can carry in a very cool metal case with me everywhere I go. They also make an amazing lotion in their men's line which smells fantastic and is great for the hands too. Check out the natural products that can often heal your dry and cracked hands if your hands have been over washed or over worked. I prefer Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company and the small batches formulated for many individual needs - especially all the products for dry skin, hands included. 

So why don't you go to Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co (  - where you can find a variety of natural moisturizing products so you can fix those dry and hurting hands.


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