Why We Use A Formula Not A Recipe

Why We Use A Formula Not A Recipe

In the soap making and cosmetic industry formulations are used and not recipes. It is important that formulations are used for a number of reasons. Formulations are universal - meaning they can be understood and used anywhere in the world. Most importantly a formulation is the most accurate way of recording the details of products. Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co uses only formulas for all their products.

The difference between formulas and recipes are vast. A recipe is a group of ingredients and a method or instructions that are generally used to make a food item. Recipe results will vary from batch-to-batch based on the inaccuracies of measurements in volume rather than by weight. recipe is a set of ingredients and instructions needed to make a food items.

A formula is a fixed set of specific ingredients listed in percentage by weight and processing instructions that have been standardized to consistently make a soap or cosmetic. All the ingredients in a formula produced by SXYSoap.ca are formulated to total 100 percent, so the formula can be easily scaled down for a smaller batch or scaled up for a master batch, depending on production demands. 

The formulations at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co allow the soap maker to see at a glance if ingredients are being used at safe levels. So, for example, if you know that you can only use 1% essential oil, but your product is written in a recipe, not a formula, and it's written in drops and the formulation doesn't add up to 100% then you really have no idea what percentage of essential oil is included. On the opposition to recipes - a formula is written in percentages allowing the soap maker at SXYSoap.ca to see at a glance that ingredients are being used in safe levels.

Consistency is a vital basis for bringing customers the confidence to shop at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co and the fact they use formulas verses recipes at SXYSoap.ca as well as SXYU.ca Cosmetics - means that different batch size recipes are achievable through formulas and special software calculators for ingredients. Using formulas ensures consistency as well as elimination of mistakes or human error because every ingredient is weighed to a precise accuracy.

Using formulas allows the soap maker or chemists at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co to easily adapt. By using percentages and weighing ingredients if a chemist wanted to increase an ingredient it is very straightforward to add on a couple of percentages to that ingredient and then take away a couple of percentages from another ingredient always totaling one hundred percent when making adjustments or adaptations. It is very easy in a formulation - while still abiding by the laws of chemistry - to make adaptations using formulas that you simply couldn't do using a recipe.

Most importantly - for the safety of all Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co customers - using formulas forms part of the documentation in order to sell products to their customers. The formula is what is given to a safety assessor when products are tested for safety. As well, formulas allow not only consistency, adaptation and documentation - it's just another reason you can safely shop at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co knowing your best interests in your health come first and foremost right down to the formulation of the products you and your family use.

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