Who Are We at KLWC.ca

Who Are We at KLWC.ca

In 2018 Lachlan and Liv launched KLWC.ca based on the belief that soap and skin care products didn't need to be toxic to us in order to be opulent, luscious and rich  - and we have clinical formulations to prove that! We curate the best in clean handmade soaps and also make our own line of skin care products! (gender interchangeable)

We are ALWAYS adding new Canadian handmade products to our Brands to help you and your family choose from our small batches that we make - in a licensed and insured soap/cosmetic facility - a hygienic and controlled sterile environment (not handmade in someone's kitchen or garage!) We hope you will choose our high quality products made to our high production standards, vs large corporations that focus on hiding harsh chemicals in products. We don't sell our products in a store or at markets - so you can be sure you are getting clean and fresh product directly after it has been created -  just for you - from our safe Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company facility.

SXY Soap Co. 
Provides refreshing, natural, cleansing products. Handcrafted artisan soaps and hair care products made from Canadian sourced, all natural ingredients. We make cold process soaps, melt and pour art soaps, and much more. Ingredient are purchased through recommended suppliers, as members of the HSCG & Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild  - to which we are Professional members.

SXYU Cosmetics 
Each moisturizing cosmetic base is free from harsh chemicals or genetically-modified ingredients, parabens, pesticides, solvents, and phthalates. All natural skin care for all dry skin as well as sensitive, normal and oily skin. Whatever your skin type know that you will appreciate the wholesome  goodness contained in the ingredients in our collections and skin care products. Know that we have sourced Vegan raw ingredients, Kosher ingredients as well as ingredients that are sustainable - most importantly, the ingredients have never been tested on animals and are environmentally responsibly produced.

MANLY'S Men's Care
Men's grooming is changing, and gone are the days of our Dad's and Grandpa's chemically laced body soaps. Men today care about their skin, lotions and specially formulated soaps, as well as their beards. You can feel confident with MANLY'S products as they are made in small batches and formulated especially for men. 

KDZ Soap Co.
We don't believe in any fragrances for children - don't recommend it - so we don't put them in our soaps in our kids line! 

Fun soaps kids will love washing with. For ages 6+. (because we put some toys in some of our soaps - and don't want kids to choke on them) All natural, handcrafted, Canadian-sourced ingredients, with no fragrances.

Since creating this wonderful company Kawartha Lakes Wellness company has expanded into a pet line (again - no fragrance for our pets - we do believe that our children and pets should not be around essential oils or fragrance oils) We offer a shampoo for our cats, dogs and furry friends that is perfect PH for pets - it took a long time in formulation - however, produces a great lather and best of all cleans your pet in a safe and wonderful way!

L&L Teas
Our tea bags are sized for a pot of tea - not a cup, We love tea and drink lots of it! In creating our unique offering we opted for Organic Teas, meaning that our tea is certified organic, was grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We also source Fair Trade teas when we source product for our high-end luxury herbal blends. We use only the best here at L&L Teas, the best tasting product, the best for our environment, the best for your health, and, in our opinion, the best tea blends you will ever enjoy. 

So who are we at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company... we are people who care about you and your health. Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company combines the best formulas with a high level of creativity to bring you enjoyment, peace and confidence in your self care. Blessings All

Lachlan and Liv

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