Welcome Back to Artisans Boutique!

Welcome Back to Artisans Boutique!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our new Artisan family,

We are just thrilled to be back with you all again and can't wait to hear from each and everyone of you! So WELCOME! Yes, so much has changed, but that's what the Universe wants for each of us; if you aren't moving forward, then you are moving backward - right? In today's blog I would like to accomplish two things - first, I would like to extend a warm and huggable greeting to everyone. Secondly, it would be only fitting to tell you about our new and exciting product lines. For all of you loyal soap fans, we still have our wonderful soaps and we have added a couple of new summer soaps, don't get too comfortable because I have formulated some fabulous fall soaps - that will be curing soon and ready for our fall line.

We have added an exciting line of handmade rugs. My hand-tufted rugs are a popular choice for those seeking stylish and durable wall and floor coverings. These rugs are made by punching strands of wool or yarn through a fabric backing using a tufting tool. The tufting gun is a heavy machine that does the job. The result is a thick, plush pile that is both soft and durable. A special coating is added to the backing and then a canvas type covering finishes off the rug. So much love and work goes into one of these fine peices of art.

We offer a variety of hand-tufted rugs in modern and geometric designs, such as the Liv Hand Tufted Wool Rug which is made with 100% wool and features a stylish geometric patterns or some wonderful artwork. Acryilic Rugs are available also and are not recommended for floor rugs, but artwork hung on the wall. Hand-tufted rugs are a great option for those who want a high-quality rug that is affordable and long-lasting. The process is rather lenghthy, so be sure to order your rug well in advance for holidays or special gift occassions. There can be up to a six week wait for art rugs, so call the studio today to set up your timeline. There are a number of rugs in stock - these are available for shipping without a wait time.

Jewelry is my passion and it has been a joy and great learning experience to become familiar with Polymar Clay Jewelry Line, Resin Jewelry Line and Wire Bending too.

This handmade jewelry line offers a variety of unique and stylish pieces made with different techniques and materials.

The Polymore Clay Line features jewelry pieces that are made with a type of clay that can be molded and shaped into different designs. The clay is then baked to harden and create a durable piece of jewelry. These pieces can come in a range of colors and designs, from statement earrings to delicate key chains, such as Liv's Lips and Liv's Frog Keychains.

Wire jewelry is another technique used by this jewelry line, where thin wire is bent and shaped to attach and create beautiful and unique pieces. These pieces can be made with different types of wire, such as sterling silver or gold-filled wire, and can feature gemstones, pearls or beads for added embellishment.

Resin jewelry is also a popular technique, where resin is poured into molds to create different shapes and designs. These pieces can be made with different colors and textures, and can feature a range of materials such as dried flowers, glitter, or even small objects. I have used the Resin to create earrings and neclace pendants and these have become some of my favorite jewelry to me.

Overall, this handmade jewelry line offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for those looking for unique and stylish accessories as well gifts for your favorite somebody.

Handmade quilts are a beautiful and unique addition to any home. These quilts are created using a variety of techniques and materials to create intricate and detailed designs.

One popular technique used in handmade quilts is patchwork, where small pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a larger design. These pieces can be arranged in different patterns and designs, such as a traditional log cabin or a modern geometric pattern. Another technique used in handmade quilts is appliqué, where small pieces of fabric are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to create a design. This technique allows for more intricate and detailed designs, such as flowers or animals. Most of our Quilts are Baby Quilts and do reflect a great deal of time and energy to create. A lot of the fabrics are organic also.

Overall, our handmade quilts are a beautiful and timeless addition to any home, our baby quilts can be passed down for generations as a cherished family heirloom. 

Lastly, and probably the most exciting news for us is our books! We are so over the moon to bring you our line of cook-books, that include family recipies, quick caseroles and cook-books for cookies and coffee too! Books about travel where we share some of our experiences of travel in North America as well as Europe are a good read if you are planning your vacation. We will also be adding a line of self-help books on how to fix it in your home! So stay tuned as we work on the publication process - we will be printing these books ourselves and ring binding them for your ease of use. This is the best news ever Guys!

So there you have it my beautiful people, we are back! Who says you can't come back from whatever ails you? You can do anything my friends!  So be happy all and be happy with us! We are so glad to be back and thrilled to bring you more of what you love. Remember if you don't see a product on the web-site that you miss - just ask Liv or Lachlan and we will be happy to let you know what the status is. 

Blissful Shopping.






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