The Broad Spectrum of Lavender Essential Oils

The Broad Spectrum of Lavender Essential Oils

The Lavender plant is part of the fragrant mint family and other aromatic plants such as Rosemary, Spearmint, Thyme, and Lemon Balm. Within this family, any plant belonging to the genus Lavandula is considered a Lavender plant.

The spectrum of the scents, properties, and benefits of different Lavender Essential Oils is a focus on a wide range of factors. Due to the diversity of the multiple Lavender plants it is easier to look at this breakdown in tiers.

On the first tier is the botanical species of the Lavender plant used to distill the essential oil. There are more than 30 Lavender Plants, as well as the specific variety or species, of which there are more than 450. Different Lavender species  have flowers or leaves that have distinct sizes and colors, and they come from many different climates and conditions. They also have aromas that can vary in terms of its strength, sweetness, and quality.

The second tier of the Lavender spectrum displays differences in Lavender Essential Oils and how that is attributed to their country of origin. Each country has unique weather patterns and geographical conditions that ultimately impact everything about the essential oil. Thus, a Lavender Oil from Bulgaria will have somewhat unique characteristic from one that is distilled in South Africa, even if the plant belongs to the same species. Depending on the origin, Lavender Essential Oils may be close to the classic Lavender scent, and some will be more gentle, more bold, more herbaceous, and so on.

I recently had a chat with my daughter-in-law about Lavender trying to explain all this and she surprised me- as she always does - telling me about a Lavender Conference in Niagara Region she had attended years ago and had a pretty good grasp of the multi-levels of Lavender.

Once confined to the Mediterranean region, Lavender is now cultivated in many countries, including Bulgaria, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, South Africa, England, and the US, although in many respects Europe is still thought to be the 'heart' of Lavender production. Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company is a user of this regions Lavender - and I travelled to Greece in 2019 sourcing and learning about their Lavender production.

Tier three, variations of our precious Lavender plant can exist due to regional factors such as the local climactic conditions, geography, timing of the harvest, and extraction method, all of which can affect the quality of the oil as well as its scent. A perfectly timed Lavender harvest and impeccable weather, for instance, can give rise to an excellent harvest yield and a superb smelling oil. Similar to a good wine, an ill-timed harvest, on the other hand, might result in an inferior quality oil. Thus, even a Lavender Essential Oil purchased from the same country of origin can slightly vary depending on the supplier or over time. Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co. sources their Lavender on the highest of standards with focus on the three tiers addressing Lavender Essential Oils.


We feel we are able to bring our customers the best benefits of only certified Lavender used in the production of our products. Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company only uses USDA Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil as well as Fair Trade and ECOCERT-verified Lavender Oils. For premium cosmetic brands and products, an internationally certified essential oil can help you stand a step above the other companies who often fail to abide by these high standards. The chemical profile - also gives further insight into the aromatic qualities and demands not only certification as well as a chemical profile of the Lavender they use for the safety, and potential uses of each Lavender Oil in the products that are manufactured.

There can be subtle variations in the Lavender aroma from one batch to another. This is the effect of everchanging natural conditions that give rise to the oil, including factors such as the amount of rainfall, sunshine, and soil quality. So knowing and learning about Lavender could be a certain science, as well all the health benefits and uses of this amazing diverse plant. Yet, like a fine wine - affected by the soil, climate, geography, cultivation - the loving hands that grow those grapes; so is the process and diversity of the Lavender plant and the wine of that plant - Lavender Essential Oil. Choose your lavender products - soaps and skin care, at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company - and know that your Essential Oils have been safely and wisely sourced.

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