Tea for culinary and health.

Having a two decade background in the Hotel Restaurant Management world and a College Degree in Culinary Arts, as a previous restaurant owner and  having studied under two well known Canadian Chefs, now a self proclaimed foodie; tea is one of my many passions. I am very particular about my tea and the quality in its growth, harvest and production. This is reflected in choices I make when sourcing good quality tea for my blends.

I have been mortified to learn of foreign substances found in loose tea - everything from rodent droppings to animal and human hair! So beware my tea drinking friends - be very careful where your get your tea. I have learned about where and who to purchase tea from over many years of being a tea-acholic and my education within the culinary world. I know when I drink a cup of tea, it's all good and it's all tea!

Most people think of tea as an experience similar to a cup of coffee one enjoys, however, tea is not only a wonderful culinary experience it is commonly used in a variety of dishes, such as marinade, vinaigrettes and even deserts in some of the finer restaurants world wide. Tea for me is part of my life, I don't think I could go a day without a cup of tea. Not because it's an addiction, but because it is part of my life, spiritual, healthful and peaceful is what my cup of tea brings to me.

For the most part I have learned that the focus on the blended herbal teas at L&L Teas (LnLteas.com), a Canadian company located in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes, is a health conscience choice in their tea blends. Their most certain intentions at L&L Teas and their obligation to maintain a cultural ritual of the owner's third generation native knowledge of herbal healings. Not all the teas are blended for just health in mind, their teas also are delicious and soothing. Nowhere will you find such an array of organic and tranquilizing invocations bestowed to you when you indulge in L&L Teas!

Since 1991, the average Canadian's tea intake nearly tripled from 36 Liters per year to 100 Liters per year! When I did the research this increase of tea drinking it measured more than our consumption increase of coffee over this time period. So why the increase since 1991? Perhaps many Canadians realized the health benefits of tea. Health benefits that have been in existence for thousands of years. The origins and history of tea date back almost 5,000 years and tea itself now has more than 3,000 different variations.

Tea contains antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals and give your immune system an oomph. Many blends of teas gift you with a focus and energy boost from the caffeine. Certain tea blends help many individuals lose weight and manage conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Many scientific studies have shown drinking certain teas can aid in heart health and the risk of stroke. Other tea blends promote healthy bacteria in the gut. We know certain teas lower blood sugar levels and help with conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease. A good cup of properly blended tea will balance your mood and help to manage conditions like depression especially when tea is used as a positive life ritual.

Consider tea as a ritual, not just a habit, but a ritual that you schedule into your day to assist you in finding balance in your hectic life. I have found that the highest quality of teas from around the world are blended with health in mind at LnLTeas.com.

Boost your tea consumption and toast to your health.

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