Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There are so many different kinds of Moms - have you ever noticed that? Well, here are a few moms that I have examined through my long list of wonderful friendships - There is the Active Mom, Exhausted Mom, Exercise Enthusiast Mom, Puppy Dog Mom, Mindful Mom, Career Mom, Socialite Mom, New Mom, Nature Mom, Green Thumb Mom, Computer Mom, Organic Mom and best of all Supportive Grandmother Mom! That certainly is a lot of roles for Moms - and there are many more roles for mothers that I have most likely overlooked....these came to mind as I was writing this blog. 

So what do you give your favorite lady for Mother's Day?

It's probably a good idea to start looking now - and miss the hectic rush and stress of forgetfulness in these crazy times we live in. I think a wonderful gift to give those women in our lives is a gift from Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co. Whatever Mom you have in your life - she is always available to offer support, guidance, and love. She can’t contain her excitement and is always giddily planning all the way. Whether your Mom is your friend or biological - it doesn't matter - Mother's day is a celebration of that female presence that nurtures you, her children or her pets. Just get a move on it and order something now for that special lady in your life.

Here's a bit of a guide to help you with some choices. For the Mom whose top priority is her family’s health, and she consistently strives toward this goal by choosing the most natural options available, aiming to prevent any toxins from entering the happy home environment I found some wonderful soap choices for her at .

For the Mom mom who loves to spend time outdoors whether she’s going for walks in the park, hiking along trails, or camping in the woods. When she can’t get outside and be active, she can start to feel restless and stagnant. A pick me up for this Mom is a Venus De Milo skincare kit for her dry skin - at

For the new Mom who has likely been entirely and exhaustingly preoccupied with taking care for her newborn little darling at the expense of her own rest and emotional well-being. All the gifts she receives at this time are likely only for the baby, but she too can use some mood-boosting pampering and I found a wonderful idea for her - some delicious Chi Tea at L&L Teas ( They blend tea bags for a tea pot and this is certainly every new mother need!

We all know the Mom who is career driven. She is known to give high priority to her job – which is often full time – whether at the office, on a stage, or behind the scenes. She enjoys her position as an ambitious woman and might have a competitive streak that may require devoting countless (perhaps monotonous at times) hours. This Mom definitely needs that down time in the bath or shower - her attention to detail will have her thanking you forever for the artistic and handmade soaps, bath bombs or shower steamers created in the Soap Studio in the Kawartha Lakes at - the soap you gift this Mom will be forever loved.

Whether Mom is always in a constant state of movement or she is an advocate of slower motion and mindfulness, whether her focus is business or fitness, partying or gardening, various luxurious natural products are available to spoil each “type” of deserving Mom this Mother’s Day, especially for the Mom who tends to dismiss her own needs. You need to get on board with your siblings and make sure to order your Mother's Day Gifts at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co.  To further honor Mom based on her individual lifestyle this company's focus is on women’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and a lifestyle that can be incorporated to enhance the goodness of all their other natural products.

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