Mother's Day

Mother's Day

We so often have wonderful memories of Mother's Day and the simple fact that spring is in the air, the sun is shining and it's time to show our love for our favorite Mother or Grandmother finds us hustling to find that perfect gift for our favorite roll model.

Sometimes being a Mother or a Grandmother can be a thankless or sad experience, especially with Covid restrictions and isolation - and Mother's Day can be a difficult time for them. It can be a painful day for those who can't have a child - or who have lost a child and often a day that for those individuals wish it would go away. On the flip side, are those who have lost their Mother and this day may be another grieving hurdle to get over.

However, for all who want to celebrate this day - or for all who wish to gift themselves a spay day - I would personally recommend Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co. in Canada for the perfect Mother's Day Gift Box - they are offering two packages and they include handmade soaps, skin care and fragrance products. Great savings are offered in the Mother's Day Bath and Body Gift Box for only $119.75 plus shipping - they are not charging tax and have discounted products for a total a savings of $88.11! Wow - who wouldn't love this gift?

I would say that it is a good time of the year to be kind and sensitive to those Mom's and Grandmothers and all those individuals who have taken on the roll of Mom - around you. Don't forget that this can often be a difficult time for many individuals, maybe think of them this year - and send them a gift box.


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