LOTION...in a bar?

LOTION...in a bar?

Lotion bars are NOT SOAP!

Lotion bars are similar to liquid lotion that you smear all over your body, but it is in a solid form. It is an absolutely fantastic way to keep your dry skin soft and moisturized.

The Lotion Bar has many advantages and I will share some of those with you today. My first and foremost love of my lotion bar is the richness and moisture that my dry hands feel when I rub this bar over my dry hands. One of the greatest germ passers are cracked dry hands, even though you may have washed your hands if you have dry cracks in your fingers and hands - germs can become imbedded and be passed on to others. That's why it is so important to moisturize your hands and body parts that tend to dry out from over-washing - or just dryness from this time of the year. I immediately feel the results from my Lotion Bar and away I go with protected moisturized hands. This time of year, my feet, heels, knees and elbows tend to need a little attention. It's so soothing to rub my Lotion Bar on these dry areas when I sip on a cup of tea - before I go to bed each night. (That's a great self-care ritual to enjoy guys! Certainly can help you to wind down before bedtime, especially if you are experiencing some trouble sleeping at night.) 

Another advantage of the Lotion Bar is the convenience of carrying this baby with you wherever you may travel. I know that travel is on hold for us right now - however, I cannot stress the joy of my lotion bar in my handbag at the airport - while we all know that we are limited to virtually no liquids when you fly. I get to moisturize my skin on that nine or ten hour flight, while everyone else is shriveling up like a prune, my skin is refreshed and feeling moisturized after a long and dry flight. Not only for flying will you find having a Lotion Bar to be handy with travel, but everywhere you go - it's so much easier to stash that bar in your personals than a container of lotion that could spill everywhere.

Lotion bars are made from all natural ingredients at SXY Soap Co - and can be used by everyone, even people with sensitive skin. They are made with beeswax, and incorporate many rich oils, Vitamin E Oil, and many other crucial oils that moisturize your skin, all the while this bar is solid and hard. The special formulation of the Lotion Bar allows the lotion to easily dissolve into your skin when rubbed on. Calluses on hard working hands and feet that are cracked are quickly healed with a good Lotion Bar.

You should try to store your Lotion Bar in a cool space, if it does warm up, it won't spoil the effects, however, the look of your bar could change a bit and it may become softer. 

Spring and summer are soon on their way - and I don't need to tell you how important it is to have this Lotion Bar with you this summer. There is nothing more soothing than a Lotion Bar after a day in the sun, after gardening hands and to take care of your skin as the seasons change.

The addition of essential oils to your Lotion Bar will simply aid in soothing certain types of skin issues as well you will certainly enjoy the fragrance of your choice. Fragrance Free Lotion Bars are available  and  although there is nothing more wonderful than a well made liquid lotion, my favorite for convenience and instant relief for my extra dry skin is my Lotion Bar. My all time favorite Lotion Bar is SXY Soap Co's Aloe Vera Lotion Bar...the aloe takes all the rich oils deep into the layers of my skin and helps to heal my overworked and tired hands. 

Lotion Bars are convenient for many reasons, they do travel very well but most of all the Lotion Bar you choose for yourself or gift to your dear friends or family is made from natural and organic products. During these hand-washing times we live in - give yourself the gift of moisturizing and share this gift with your favorite health-care provider, or your elderly family member you haven't been able to spend time with. What a wonderful way to say you care - about yourself and others .All natural, hand-made Lotion Bars can be found at Gendermart.com 

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