GREENWASHING! What's That???

GREENWASHING! What's That???

Greenwashing - according to the Soil Association is defined as the act of BRANDS making claims that their product could be misleading to encourage people to choose their product. 

So what does that mean? I can only tell you that after all our training and education here at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company coupled with our abilities to read labels  - and as we presently collaborate and work with some of Canada's best chemists and cosmetologists - Greenwashing is happening to the Canadian public by way of so many companies selling skin care and body care products today. An example of Greenwashing is a cosmetic/skin care company highlighting a natural or organic ingredient on the label even though the other ingredients contained within their formula as a whole would not be considered natural or organic.

Unfortunately, this is quiet a widespread practice in the cosmetic industry - and I see it in the soap industry as well. Due to a growing awareness amongst consumers and pressure from campaign organizations such as the Soil Association's "Come Clean About Beauty" campaign brands are getting called out on their misinforming the public.

We at are thrilled that all the sales tactics that are used to misguide and misinform customers about skin care products are being exposed! It will only be a short time before that salesperson telling you their "all natural" product will require them to show that particular certification as a mark of recognition that a brand adheres to strict natural or organic standards.

Know that transparency is a key brand value at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co brands: they will proudly explain the ingredients that their product uses. Minimalist brands are emerging - companies such as  - they intentionally use only a small amount of ingredients and use this as a unique selling point. The idea is that the consumer can feel a sense of reassurance at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co in that they can read and understand everything on the short - ingredient list. 

So go to Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co - today and shop knowing we disclose our ingredients and never sell to you using pressure campaigns! We just want to share our happiness and goodness with you!  

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