Eczema and Your Sensitive Skin

Eczema and Your Sensitive Skin

Atopic dermatitis is known as a common form of eczema. Many of us, for the past year are washing our hands a lot more frequently than usual so you may be experiencing very dry skin and developing eczema-like symptoms such as cracked and blistered skin. Many of the tips covered in this post may help with those symptoms as well.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide information about how to use KAWARTHA LAKES WELLNES CO products, but is not  medical advice, or a substitute for medical care or advice provided by a physician or licensed medical provider.

Eczema refers to a variety of skin disorders, but the kind of eczema I am writing about and will be focusing on is atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis usually is first evident in infancy or childhood. Atopic dermatitis can disappear with age, though for too many sufferers it continues into adulthood. Clearly with many skin issues, what is behind the causes are not well understood. Research in recent years has pointed to genetic factors that may disable partial functioning of the skin barrier and thus, allow more allergens and pathogens to penetrate the body through the skin —this ends up like a rollercoaster ride and can lead to an overactive immune response and inflammation. As well, with issues with the skin barrier, this type of skin is unable to hold moisture and contributes to dryer skin.

Anyone suffering from atopic dermatitis knows it can be a nightmare condition to live with. Skin develops red rashes and the itch is insane, and this itch only makes the condition worse With repeated scratching, sufferers end up with not only more irritation of their skin, but rough and dry skin. Most treatment plans involve managing the symptoms to reduce itchiness.

We do know that there are irritants that provoke Eczema - they include chemical irritants (such as you would find in conventional cleaning products), stress, allergens, and hormonal fluctuations.

Dry skin goes hand in hand with atopic dermatitis—the skin barrier is damaged and it is tougher for the skin to retain moisture. It’s important to select a soap that will help your skin keep all the moisture it can—USE ONLY OUR COLD PROCESS SOAP (always use the unscented variety). Our most moisturizing soap is our COLD PRESS -"OLD FASHION SOAP"  If you read recent posts about cold processed soaps at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co, you will know that this soap actually assists your body in balancing your pH levels and our bar soap is rich and supperfatted with healthy moisturizing organic fats (this is the fats left after saponification - during the soap making process) If you have sensitive skin - or suffer from eczema you must get away from using the commercial bars of crap purchased at the store....these are detergents and are filled with chemicals your skin cannot protect your body from.

Remember that if you have sensitive skin - you need to take extra care when bathing or showering - remember to set your water to lukewarm - don't shower in hot water or water that is too cold. Be careful with the temperature of water you use on your skin because you don't want to strip your skin of natural oils and moisturizers that you need. Also during your bath time - don't use exfoliants, luffas or even a scratchy wash cloth. Be very gentle with your skin and when you dry-off - pat your skin, don't rub it. Some of my customers with dry skin will apply some of our  SXYU SKIN SALVE. Our SXYU Herbal Salve is formulated with with vitamin E, aloe and neem oil for a powerful combination, relieving the itchiness, discomfort and redness associated with skin inflammations.  

We use this product for not just rough hands, but to take the sting out of mosquito bites and to sooth skinned knees. Lavender, Tea Tree Oil and Helichrysum Essential oils all work together to heal your problem areas.

So first and foremost, stop using commercial soaps, then switch to a Cold Process Soap from and go unscented. Then be sure to be kind to your skin in the shower or bath with temperature and remember not to use exfoliating items,  and after, when drying off use caution to pat your skin dry. Be good to your skin, and let Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co help you out with their products made for a healthier you!

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