Aging is Aging Your Skin!

Aging is Aging Your Skin!

Some Serums are harmful to you and your skin.

Many things improve with age; as humans we DO improve with age - unfortunately, your skin does not. Of course it doesn't have to be that way, but with any great beauty - it takes some effort. Wrinkles, brown spots, and general dullness often are the first signs of aging skin. If you want to help to slow down the destruction aging causes, then you will have to start a twice a day habit of caring for your face. Many of us are turning to a skin serum and believe that it will reverse our aging.

Serums are light, easily absorbed oils - or water-based liquids often containing Hyaluronic Acid that is not oil soluble, that you spread on your skin. They typically come in small bottles with a dropper, and you only need a few drops to treat your entire face.

The serums on the market at this time of research hold ingredients from stem-cellular fixes to serums that can resurface your face! Their prices range from $35.00 to over $600.00 for a serum from a very popular celebrity site. The $35.00 Serum I found was chalked full of Parabens (an entire family of chemicals that shouldn't be on your skin); all I have to say about paying over six hundred dollars for a face serum is, in my opinion if you can afford this price for serum - well GOOD FOR YOU, however, it's probably not the norm for the rest of us. A good choice would be a serum that suits your skincare need for a reasonable price.

At you can find fantastic serums and even considerable savings when you purchase an entire skin care kit. Then you will be sure to have the cleansers and toners ensuring the clean skin necessary for your serum to be most effective. The best part of SXYU Cosmetics is their serums fight free radicals and environmental aggressors while adding moisturizing compounds we lose in our skin as we age. SXYU Cosmetic Serums contain absolutely no harmful additives, chemicals or nastiness in their serums - all natural and all Canadian sourced ingredients!

Serums are formulated for a variety of reasons, most importantly they add nutrients and vitamins to freshly, cleaned skin. You should never apply a serum to skin that has not had a cleanser and toner used first. Without cleaning your skin before applying a few drops of your serum can cause dirt and impurities to be driven deep into your always clean your face first. After you have cleaned your skin, apply just a few drops of your serum and rub gently into your skin. Serums are being praised by Canadian Dermatologists, especially serums that are formulated without harmful chemicals. I even found a serum with formaldehyde in its ingredients. We all know how products that we choose to put on our skin can result in our overall health. 

So how does a serum work? Well, when applied to clean skin the highly concentrated formulation penetrates the layers of your skin and delivers an intensive dose of ingredients to address your skin issues. You should always do a little skin test or patch test with your serum before you start using it twice a day. If you are not sensitive to the serum you may see results almost immediately, however most of us see results in six to eight weeks. You will notice lines starting to fade as well you should see a hydrated plumped skin....this is how you will know you are using the correct serum for your skin-type. 

It is vital that if you are over age twenty-five to follow your serum with your moisturizer. It's important for individuals with dry skin to lock in all that goodness from the serum with a rich creamy moisturizing cream. If you're not using your serum on your neckline as well, you could be sorry about that down the road when you have this beautifully plumped up face and a turkey neck going on. So remember to serum and moisturize your neck too!

Anti-aging serum, antioxidant serum or hydrating serums are out there to make your skin care regime complete. I love my SXYU Cosmetic Serums and can't live without them. But that's because I helped formulate the most natural and advanced serums for beautiful effects on your skin, to help you soothe and refresh your skin. I am confident you will love what SXYU Cosmetic serums do to your skin as well!


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