6 Reasons To Shop at Kawartha Lakes Wellness Co


6 Reasons To Shop With Us...and more!

We care about you and our world at Artisans Boutique soaps, rugs, jewelry and quilts are not only cruelty-free and most are vegan, but also 100% plastic free when you choose our shampoo bars over shampoo bottles. Our products are never tested on animals and are all cruelty-free.

First and foremost shopping we allow you to shop with confidence knowing we bring you the highest quality of ingredients and products. Most of our ingredients have been stamped Vegan and Kosher, all of our products have been carefuly chosen with you in mind.  Our teas are perfectly blended for your health and enjoyment. Here are a few more reasons you may wish to shop with us online.....


Impact the economy in positive ways by supporting Canadian owned and operated businesses. Shopping local provides a ripple effect supporting the local economy and helping communities within Canada. We strive to bring you the best prices for quality handmade products.


Shop with ease. All of our shipments use tracked shipping to provide information on where your order is in transit. We ship with Canada Post and can deliver and serve all cities in Canada that are supported by CP.


3.Environmental Impact 

Choosing a local company over a chain has a positive impact on the environment. Our small business is set up in the Kawartha Lakes and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, our online centralized shops are much friendlier to a community than out-of-town shopping malls and box stores. Less city sprawl as well our ability to serve all of Canada equals less congestion, less habitat loss and much less impact on the Canadian pollution issues. By purchasing locally and online, we considerably reduce pollution as well as traffic, improving the quality of our communities.

4.Personality and Character

The greatest thing about our independent and small business is that we are people, not boards, and stockholders, run this business! In a world increasingly dominated by chain stores that are all designed to look the same as well give you the same cookie-cutter answers to your problems - we at Artisans Boutique certainly bring a unique and individual business perspective to the Canadian shopper. Unique, one-of-a-kind shops are not only ‘stores’, our objective is to  become a favorite online shopping destination that can offer that hands-on care and attention to detail we all love when we shop.

5. Giving Back to Our Canadian Nation

As the owners of Artisans Boutique we invest back into the Canadian community - and we have a vested interest to invest in the health of all Canadians and our communities. We donate to Canadian non-profits and connect with fellow Canadian business owners to promote our country and community initiatives.

6. Safety During the Pandemic

When the World Health Organization, declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic in March 2020, the way we live, work and shop literally changed overnight. It has stripped families of loved ones, and we all have felt the change. Shopping with Artisans Boutique formerly, Kawartha Lakes Wellness Company  allows you to shop from the safety of your own home - and also gives you the trusted knowledge that only one person is preparing your soaps and products for you in a controlled sterile environment - also, less hands touching your products the better. We do not have a retail outlet at this time and only sell our handmade products from the Soap Studio directly to you every time you shop from the safety of your home. We look forward to seeing you online at Artisans Boutique.ca and are working hard to bring you the best in Canadian Handmade Soaps, Rugs, Jewelry, Quilts  and wellness products. Blessings 


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